The Story

Hand-crafted leather goods by ONA VILLIER are designed and constructed to achieve the rare and elusive beauty that transcends time and place.  Like fine literature, an ageless melody or a classical piece of sculpture, Ona Villier designs are always pertinent, unmistakably tasteful and definitively fashionable.

Mother-daughter designers Susan Unger and Ona Villier hail from the island of Menorca, off the coast of Barcelona. From the sun and wind-hewn rocky shorelines, to the crystalline aquamarine bays and coves to the ancient Roman roads that lay across the island like dusty garland, Menorca provides the perfect creative center for Ona Villier’s design and production.  The island’s situation at the gateway of the Mediterranean makes for a richly influenced, worldly culture that is palpable throughout the entire Ona Villier collection.

Applying the local artisanal leather-work traditions, exquisite Spanish and Italian leathers, vintage-inspired shapes and a creatively sublime palette of contemporary silkscreened prints, Susan and Ona produce a collection of bags and accessories designed to define a lifestyle and last a lifetime.  Their imaginatively conceived and expertly crafted designs go anywhere, do anything and exude a ruggedly luxurious, subtly Bohemian sophistication that is as timeless as Menorca itself.

Leather designs by Ona Villier are what to bring on your life-long adventure — as pleasing to the senses as nature’s bounty; as enduring and resilient as the traditions it springs from; as extraordinary, trend-setting and authentic as you are.