I have been fortunate to grow up around artists, designers and artisans, seeing fist hand the effort and care that gets put into making quality products. Now I have decided to put this same dedication to work on a line of fabulous and unique rough-luxe leather handbags.
Entirely crafted on the island of Menorca (Spain) where I grew up, each piece is a layered process, where each artisan applies his/her special skill with precision and care. I never imagined so many people were required to make a handbag!

Susan Unger -- my mother and business partner -- had her own atelier for over thirty years—both in Menorca and then in NYC -- producing iconic hand screened textiles for home and fashion. I wanted to continue this family tradition by curating and archiving the vintage prints, then applying them to the soft Italian and Spanish nappa leathers.

The leather is individually cut into the pattern pieces of the bag. Then they are taken to a specialized artisanal workshop where they are hand screened with delicate metallic inks, heat set for durability, then hand buffed with natural waxes for extra protection.

After this surface treatment, the pieces are returned to the atelier for sewing and finishing. After 30 years of experience in the leather crafting field, every bag produced in this factory is a gem. One of the most important missions of my company is to bring the exquisite work of these small local factories to the world while helping to keep these crafts alive on the island.