Hola and thank you for stopping by! I write this first blog post on a rainy but warm afternoon on the luscious island of Maui. My husband, Jacopo, and I are enjoying a little getaway in this amazing corner of the world, where everything and everyone seem so far away and nature shows off its infinite and spectacular variations. Needless to say, the perfect place to write the first entry to this Journal.

It is particularly exciting to welcome you to the world of Ona Villier (that would be me), since the journey to the creation of my brand has been a very enriching process. I founded this company alongside one of my creative mentors, the talented designer Susan Unger (who happens to be my mother), as a way to create well crafted items that define a lifestyle and last a lifetime.

Our home and muse is Menorca, a small island off the coast of Barcelona, where I was born and where my mother lived for over 25 years. We still have our house there—where Susan spends about half of her year—and our hand-crafted leather goods are designed and constructed in limited editions on the island. We like to think that our imaginatively conceived and expertly crafted designs go anywhere, do anything and exude a ruggedly luxurious, subtly Bohemian sophistication that is as timeless as Menorca itself.

Let your mind travel with us to the island’s sun and wind-hewn rocky shorelines, to the crystalline aquamarine bays and coves and to the ancient Roman roads that lay across the island like dusty garland…